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Flower Craft

rose-broach“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”   These lovely and simply made flower crafts will help children and teens to remember this verse from Isaiah 40:8

 Follow the links to go to the instructions.

They could also be used to illustrate the Creation story in Genesis Chapter One, Psalm 37:20 and Matthew 6:28

Click on this link here to go to freekidscrafts.com  for the flower coasters.

Click here for the instructions for the Felt flower broaches.

Or click on the photos.



Seashell windchime


If you have access to the sea, this craft can cost virtually nothing.  All you need is time to collect seashells with a hole already in, and some driftwood.  Found on freekidscrafts.com, this mobile is a wonderful reminder of our Creator God and ties in well with the Creation account in Genesis Chapter One.

You can find the instructions here:  Or click on the picture above.

Creation star crafts



This links to a few different star crafts for all ages, including a little cross stitch for the ladies.

Stars are also useful when telling the Christmas story.

Go here for star crafts.

Here’s another idea for Creation Stars

sandwich stars

This is a picture from sarahlidbom.blogspot.com.au.  Sarah used a star cookie cutter to make these star shaped sandwiches.

This could also be used to make ‘bread dough’ star hanging ornaments to illustrate creation.

You cut out the shape, make a hole for hanging thread with a knitting needle or stick and then leave the shape to air dry for a few days.  It will become very hard and durable.

You can then paint using acrylic paints, glitter etc and it will last for a long time.  Why not make many stars using different sized cutters and hang together in a mobile?  A constant reminder of God’s amazing creation.