Recycled rain stick

rain stickI’ve always loved the sound of these rain sticks.  And now we can make our own using these simple instructions from craftjr blog.

Rain is mentioned 107 times in Scripture.  Including the following books of the Bible;





1 Samuel

2 Samuel

1 Kings

2 Kings

2 Chronicles






Song of Songs















Recycled pop bottle wind spinner



The word ‘wind’ or ‘winds’ is mentioned over one hundred times in Scripture, so there should be lots of passages you could use this craft for.  I have included a list of just the passages which have the word ‘wind’ in them.  There are more which mention ‘winds’.

This craft is a good one for teens and adults and perhaps older children.  Although a word of caution in that the bottles are slippery when you are holding them and trying to cut through them with an exacto or craft knife or scalpel, so perhaps this part of the preparation should be left to teens or adults.  They last for ages and make quite a colourful site spinning in the breeze.  You can of course use whatever plastic pop/soda/softdrink/fizzy drink bottles you have on hand, 600 ml, up to two litre.

You can find the instructions from here:  or click on the picture above.

Old Testament

Genesis 8 and 41

Exodus 10 and 14

Numbers 11

2 Sam 22

1 Kings 18 and 19

2 Kings 3

Job 1;6;8;15;21;27;28;30;37

Psalm 1;11;18;35;48;78;83;103;104;135

Proverbs 11;25;27;30

Ecclesiastes 1;2;4;5;6;8;11

Song of Songs 4

Isaiah 2;11;17;24;26;27;28;32;41;57;64

Jeremiah 4;5;10;13;18;22;30;51

Ezekiel 5;13;17;19;27

Daniel 2

Hosea 8;12;13

Amos 4

Jonah 1;4

Habakkuk 1

Zechariah 5

New Testament

Matthew 11;14

Mark 4;6

Luke 7;8;12

John 3;6

Acts 2;27;28

Ephesians 4

James 1

Jude 1

Revelation 6;7




God loves us! No sew fleece pillow.


No-sew fleece pillow from

These beautiful little pillows are surprisingly easy to make and can be adapted to a large number of Bible passages which talk of God’s love for us; God is love etc.

All you need is some blanket fleece, or even an old blanket will do!  And some foam or synthetic fibre fill.  If you don’t have any access to filling materials, adapt what is on hand.  eg: crumpled paper, dried corn husk or other organic material, foam packing beads etc

For children.

Some preparation may be needed.  When I do this craft with groups of kids, I usually cut the shape out and also cut the fringe ready for the children to tie.  For older kids, leave them to cut the fringing themselves.  It does take a little time to cut all the fringe.

For teens and adults

To make this more challenging for older teens and adults, they could do some embroidery or stitching on the front.  Perhaps a Bible verse or inspirational quote (‘God loves me’).  They could also sew small meaningful trinkets onto the front.  Lots of ways to adapt this craft.

Click on the picture above or click here to go to

Please note:  There are many relevant bible passages for this craft so I have categorised it into the most relevant Bible book categories.  I have confined it to the verses which speak of love as a noun, love as a verb, the love of Christ and the love of God.