This little blog is designed to help those who are involved in full time Christian ministry and who often need to quickly find a Bible-centred craft to reinforce teaching about specific Bible passages.   The craft will be added regularly and put into the relevant ‘books of the bible’ categories.  This will make it easier for you to choose a craft you can do.  Tags are used to tell you what age group the craft may be suitable for, children, teens or adults.

Although this is being developed specifically to help our missionary friend who ministers in Ecuador,  if you’ve found this site and can make use of it, you are welcome to do so with our blessing.  Please remember that some (if not all) sites we link to, and craft we may put on, will be subject to copyright laws and the craft should never be used for commercial purposes unless permission has been given by the relevant site owner.  

This site is not about ‘me’, but about serving the Lord by using the gifts He has blessed us with.  So personal information about our family will be purposefully kept to a minimum so as not to distract from the purpose of this blog and to give God the glory.  Suffice to say we are a Christian family of mum, dad and young adult daughter (a wonderful blessing) who live in Queensland, Australia on some lovely little acres with our sweet little doggy fur-babies.

In Him,


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