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Wordless bracelet

This is a simple craft for children or teens which can also be a powerful witnessing tool.  It is also known as a ‘Salvation bracelet’.

Any colours can be used to fit in with the particular passage you are teaching.

Or for  the salvation message, specific colours should be used as illustrated by this photo of a salvation prayer colour chart from

wordless bracelet colours

Here are some instructions for making the wordless bracelet from


God loves us! No sew fleece pillow.


No-sew fleece pillow from

These beautiful little pillows are surprisingly easy to make and can be adapted to a large number of Bible passages which talk of God’s love for us; God is love etc.

All you need is some blanket fleece, or even an old blanket will do!  And some foam or synthetic fibre fill.  If you don’t have any access to filling materials, adapt what is on hand.  eg: crumpled paper, dried corn husk or other organic material, foam packing beads etc

For children.

Some preparation may be needed.  When I do this craft with groups of kids, I usually cut the shape out and also cut the fringe ready for the children to tie.  For older kids, leave them to cut the fringing themselves.  It does take a little time to cut all the fringe.

For teens and adults

To make this more challenging for older teens and adults, they could do some embroidery or stitching on the front.  Perhaps a Bible verse or inspirational quote (‘God loves me’).  They could also sew small meaningful trinkets onto the front.  Lots of ways to adapt this craft.

Click on the picture above or click here to go to

Please note:  There are many relevant bible passages for this craft so I have categorised it into the most relevant Bible book categories.  I have confined it to the verses which speak of love as a noun, love as a verb, the love of Christ and the love of God.

Creation star crafts



This links to a few different star crafts for all ages, including a little cross stitch for the ladies.

Stars are also useful when telling the Christmas story.

Go here for star crafts.

Here’s another idea for Creation Stars

sandwich stars

This is a picture from  Sarah used a star cookie cutter to make these star shaped sandwiches.

This could also be used to make ‘bread dough’ star hanging ornaments to illustrate creation.

You cut out the shape, make a hole for hanging thread with a knitting needle or stick and then leave the shape to air dry for a few days.  It will become very hard and durable.

You can then paint using acrylic paints, glitter etc and it will last for a long time.  Why not make many stars using different sized cutters and hang together in a mobile?  A constant reminder of God’s amazing creation.

The story of creation mini books



This is a cute idea which can be used for many different stories.  Mini books are very quick and  easy to make and are a good way to reinforce the Creation story as the children re-tell it while illustrating it.


Why not let the children illustrate this mini book themselves instead of using the template illustrations on the site.  This way they are more likely to remember the story and can re-tell it to others.

Follow this link to find the instructions: