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Recycled pop bottle wind spinner



The word ‘wind’ or ‘winds’ is mentioned over one hundred times in Scripture, so there should be lots of passages you could use this craft for.  I have included a list of just the passages which have the word ‘wind’ in them.  There are more which mention ‘winds’.

This craft is a good one for teens and adults and perhaps older children.  Although a word of caution in that the bottles are slippery when you are holding them and trying to cut through them with an exacto or craft knife or scalpel, so perhaps this part of the preparation should be left to teens or adults.  They last for ages and make quite a colourful site spinning in the breeze.  You can of course use whatever plastic pop/soda/softdrink/fizzy drink bottles you have on hand, 600 ml, up to two litre.

You can find the instructions from here:  or click on the picture above.

Old Testament

Genesis 8 and 41

Exodus 10 and 14

Numbers 11

2 Sam 22

1 Kings 18 and 19

2 Kings 3

Job 1;6;8;15;21;27;28;30;37

Psalm 1;11;18;35;48;78;83;103;104;135

Proverbs 11;25;27;30

Ecclesiastes 1;2;4;5;6;8;11

Song of Songs 4

Isaiah 2;11;17;24;26;27;28;32;41;57;64

Jeremiah 4;5;10;13;18;22;30;51

Ezekiel 5;13;17;19;27

Daniel 2

Hosea 8;12;13

Amos 4

Jonah 1;4

Habakkuk 1

Zechariah 5

New Testament

Matthew 11;14

Mark 4;6

Luke 7;8;12

John 3;6

Acts 2;27;28

Ephesians 4

James 1

Jude 1

Revelation 6;7





Woven key rings

woven_key_ringsThere are multiple passages in the bible which mention the words ‘key’ or ‘keys’

These woven keyrings would be a good reminder of verses such as those found in Isaiah 22 and 33; Judges 3; 1 Chronicles 9; Matthew 16; Luke 11; and Revelation 1,3,9 and 20 (These are all Chapter numbers).  You can find it here or by clicking on the picture above.

Origami frog


Another cutie from is this origami frog.  What better way to remind us of the account of the plagues sent by God on the Egyptians in Exodus Chapter Eight?  Click on the picture or follow the link here:


Beaded rainbow suncatcher

beaded-suncatcher-craftHere’s a beaded rainbow suncatcher, reminding us about God’s promise to Noah and all mankind in Genesis Chapter Nine.

You can click on the picture above or follow this link to




Seashell windchime


If you have access to the sea, this craft can cost virtually nothing.  All you need is time to collect seashells with a hole already in, and some driftwood.  Found on, this mobile is a wonderful reminder of our Creator God and ties in well with the Creation account in Genesis Chapter One.

You can find the instructions here:  Or click on the picture above.


Bonebraid Keychain

bonebraid-key-chainThis is a cute craft for teens and adults and makes use of recycled tshirts but any material scraps with a bit of stretch in it should work as well.

You can find it here or click on the picture above.

This relates well to verses in Matthew 16:19 “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven…” and

Revelation 1:18  “…I hold the keys of death and Hades…”


Hand made cards and bookmarks

Handmade cards and bookmarks can be used for any Bible passage you like!

You just need to supply lots of scrap materials in cardstock, paper, material etc, some glue and some pre-printed bible verses from your chosen passage.

Adults and teens can enjoy this activity.